Traditional Baskets
All of our traditional baskets begin with the cutting and splitting of a white oak log.  Using time honored techniques and tools such as a froe and drawknife, we prepare each log by hand to obtain  various componants needed. In this way we can be sure only the very best materials are used in our baskets. Baskets like these will last a lifetime and become treasured heirlooms for future generations. Our baskets are signed and dated for authenticity.

Our Oval Carrier is woven entirely with hand split white oak with a walnut bottom.  It measures 12" X 9" X 11" tall.


The Sewing Basket is a traditional Nantucket Lightship design with our own original interpretation.  The main basket measures 13" X 10" X 6" deep. The complete Sewing Basket includes Lidded Oval Sewing Kit, Needle Case, Pin Cushion, Button Box, Pin Box and open Oval Notions Basket.  There are two levels for storage with a tray divider.


Sewing Basket - closed
Nesting Baskets

Nesting Baskets were born of a practical need to save space.  Our Nesting Baskets go beyond the practical and into the realm of art. 

A variety of combinations may be considered for a Nesting Set, ranging from the smallest 3/4" miniature to the very impressive Nest of 15.  Baskets shown here are woven of handsplit white oak. 

These are just a few samples of the Traditional Baskets we have created over our many years as full time White Oak Basketmakers.