Our LightVessels are a unique and original concept; the result of a progression of ideas and skills that spans our twenty years of basket making. The inspiration for the LightVessels first came to Darryl many years ago on a sun washed day at the trout stream.  He was intrigued by the play of light on his fishing line and how it glistened and sparkled on the water.  Since fishing and basketmaking are closely woven parts of his life, he wanted to put that special mood into a basket. What followed was a bit of experimentation until the muse spoke and all the elements fell into place.

Finely woven of clear or colored monofilament over hand split white oak and hickory, the weaving of a LightVessel is extremely labor intensive and production is limited. Since first introducing them in 1997, they have won numerous awards and accolades.




Verde Nuevo LightVessel

8" diameter x 11 1/2" tall

Hickory, monofilament, ash